Noon BLUE BOTTOMS GROUP Shenandoah Baptist Church 7308 Pershing Ave Orlando East Big Book, Open
6:00 PM WOMEN IN RECOVERY GROUP St. Joseph‰'s Catholic Church 1501 N Alafaya Trail Orlando East Big Book, Open, Wheelchair Access
7:00 PM SHARING & CARING WOMEN‰'S GROUP Women 1st United Church of Christ, Crismon Hall 4605 Curry Ford Rd Orlando East Closed, Wheelchair Access, Women
7:00 PM THE HERD INSTINCT St Matthews Episcopal Church 5873 N Dean Rd Orlando East Big Book, Open
7:30 PM AVALON FRIENDS FOR LIFE GROUP Avalon Park Church 13460 Tanja King Blvd Orlando East Open
7:30 PM INTERNACIONAL GROUP Nazarene Church 1670 N Chickasaw Trail Orlando East Spanish
8:15 PM 12 TO LIFE GROUP St Issac Jogues Catholic Church in the LAST TRAILER on the property 4301 S Chickasaw Trail Orlando East Big Book, Open, Step Meeting, Wheelchair Access